Understanding ISE Debug Logs

ISE has lots of Debug Logs. Understanding what is in these is crucial when troubleshooting the ISE System and ISE Services. These are not for troubleshooting Policy related issues.

Here is a table of all the ISE Logs in ISE 2.3, their Component Name and a Description.

Debug Log TypeISE ComponentDescription
ad_agentActive DirectoryActive Directory connector log messages
caserviceCA Service log messages
catalinaApache/Tomcat log messages
collectorLog collector log messages
consoleSystem Console Messages
core-engineTC-NAC Core Engine Log Messages
counterThreshold Counter Log Messages
cryptoCryptography log messages
dbISE 2.3 Uses Oracle 12. for the Database. There are DB Alert and DB Conn DB log files.
deploymentDeployment log messages
dockerTC-NAC Docker Daemon Log Messages
edfEntity Definition FrameworkEntity Definition Framework log messages
EPDebug EndPoint Log Messages
guestGuest Access Admin, Guest Access, My Devices, Portal, Portal-Session-Manager, Portal-web-actionGuest debug messages
irfTC-NAC log messages
ise-pscJMS (Java), License, Rule Engine Attributes, Rule Engine Policy ID Groups, access filter, admin-infra, boot-strap wizard, cisco-mnt, client, cpm-clustering, cpm-mnt, epm-pip, anc, ers, guest, guestauth, guestportal, identitystore-AD, infrastructure, mdm, mdm-pip, mydevices, nsf, msf-session, org-apache, org-apache-cxf, org-apache-digester, posture, provisioning, sponsorportal, swissMain ISE debug log messages.
iseLocalStoreProtocol Runtime customer log messages
monitService monitoring log messages
netflowreceiverNetflow syslog messages
ocspOSCP Responder Log Messages
passiveidPassiveID Log Messages
profilerprofilerProfiler debug messages
prrt-managementprrt-JNI, runtime-AAA, runtime-config, runtime-loggingProtocol Runtime policy decision request processing layer related messages
prrt-serverProtocol Runtime runtime configuration, debug and customer logs messages
pxgridpxGrid log messages
replicationReplication-Deployment, Replication-J-GroupDeployment replication log messages
reportmnt-reportsReport Log Messages
sxpSXP Log Messages
trackingCache Tracker, Notification Tracker, Replication Tracker,
vaaggregationVulnerability Assessment Aggregation Log Messages
varuntimeVulnerability Assessment Runtime Log Messages
vaserviceVulnerability Assessment Service Log Messages
wifisetupWiFi Setup Log Messages
WLCAgentWiFi Setup WLC Log Messages

You can configure the logging level for each of these logs here. Administration > System > Logging > Debug Log Configuration


You can download them here.  Operations > Troubleshoot > Download Logs


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