Summary of My Cisco Community Posts

Over the years I’ve written a number of how-to documents on the Cisco Community Forums. Here is a summary list of those documents.

Due to some changes on the forums not all the dates are accurate.

Date PublishedDocument Title
2022-08-05Subject Alternative Name in Cat 9K Certificates
2022-08-05Configuring SYSLOG TLS on Catalyst 9000
2022-04-19Let's talk about Wireshark and Embedded Packet Capture on Cat9K
2022-02-26Configuring IOS XE for Strong Security SSH Sessions
2022-02-07Building an IOS XE Offline Root and Subordinate Certificate Authority
2021-10-31Configuring Certificate Based MACsec with Local Authentication
2021-10-10Configuring & Understanding OSPF HMAC Authentication
2021-07-29Configuring RADIUS over DTLS with Cat9k and ISE 3.0
2021-07-25Configuring Type 6 Passwords in IOS XE
2021-07-20Configuring MACsec Switch to Switch with Pre-Shared-Key
2021-07-20Configuring MACsec Switch to Host with Cat9k & ISE
2021-04-26MKA, MACsec Key Agreement Exchange, on the wire
2021-07-20MACsec History & Terminology
2021-07-20Creating a CSR, Authenticating a CA and Enrolling Certificates on IOS XE
2017-04-222nd Shallow Dive into Communications Manager SQL Database
2017-04-21Shallow Dive into Call Manager SQL Database
2016-03-21Understanding and Configuring the ASA with an EC certificate and EC ciphers
2016-03-03Creating a SHA-2 Certificate Signing Request using ECDSA
2014-08-11Diffie Hellman Groups

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